Written on 01/09/2020
Ps. Ivan Jonathan

Heart Attack (guard our heart from all the things that come from our body senses)
Heart Beat (God looks into our hearts, NOT our appearance)
Heart Transplant (Searching for God's desires & His wills)
Healthy Heart (Good soil - Good seed - healthy growing)

Mind blowing (belief system)
Do you mind? (willingness to be transformed by God)
Renew your mind (fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom)

The hands of the Lord are upon us
Servanthood (true greatness comes from serving)
Laying hands (power & authority)
Lifting hands (worship, pray, victory)

Part 5 - (Touching Hands)

Read: Luke 8:43-47; Mark 5:25-34 (Woman with issue of blood)

V. 25 = Suffered with CONSTANT bleeding for 12 years!
(tired, fatigue, feel shame, down mentally-spiritually-physically)

> The body condition that she went through was giving her a message - Hopelessness!

V. 26 = She went to many doctors & she had spent everything she had, but the result was she had gotten worse.

> The situation that she went through (financially & socially) was giving her a message - Hopelessness!

Q. How many of you have ever gone through/having this kind of situation that you have spent everything you have, but no results, even it getting worse...?

(You have been praying hard / working hard / trying hard / looking hard / doing hard / = but no results!?)

Q. In that situation, what would you do?
- Some people are: stop trying & giving up
- Some people are: running away & leaving everything behind
- Some people: keep on trying & moving on
This woman could stay still - living in hopelessness if she wanted to, but she did NOT!
She chose to move on!

"The only way to go when you are down is > going up!"

The messages are:

1. Mark 5:27 = Hearing

If you look at the context of the story here, Jesus was on His way to Jairus' house, because Jairus' little daughter was dying (Mark 5:21-25).

There was no plan/agenda made for the woman, but nothing just happen for nothing!

When Jesus & His disciples & also Jairus & the crowd on their way to Jairus' house, the woman heard about Jesus passing through.

When she heard about Jesus, something within her was changing - from hopelessness to hopefulness.

When you have found an opportunity, don't ignore it!
Don't wait for an opportunity to come, but find/seek an opportunity & you will get it!

Let's open up our hearing to the right thing, NOT the bad things!
Let's open up our hearing to God & His Word, NOT discouragement news or gossips!

Remember, whatever you receive from your body senses (seeing, hearing), they will send you a message to your heart & your mind!

Read: Romans 10:17; Phil. 4:8-9

2. Luke 8:44 = Approaching

After the woman heard about Jesus, she did NOT stop there!
She moved approaching Jesus from behind & through the crowd!

Q. Why did she approach Jesus from behind & through the crowd?
Read: Lev. 15:25-27

She knew that she was unclean according to the Jewish Law & people don't want to get close with her.

So, she did NOT want to show up herself in front of the crowd, otherwise they will cast her away.

But the faith/the new hope that she had within her after she heard about Jesus, >  is greater than the situation she had around her.

Her faith & the action she did produced a miracle!
She approached Jesus from behind & through the crowd regardless!

But some people nowadays are easily giving up when they face a small obstacle in their life. 
Some of them are looking a life with no challenge rather than an excitement journey overcoming a challenge.

Let your faith grow strong with your action!
Because faith without action produce nothing!
Believing is NOT enough, but believing & doing is powerful!

Read: James 2:21-26

3. Luke 8:46 = Touching

People can hear about God & sermons from pastors every week,
People can come to church every weekend & serving in church, attending all church programs & conferences,
But if they don't bring themselves in a desperation wanting to touch God, they won't get anything.

Don't set yourself on being just enough for attending the church service every Saturday / or joining the CC, > but let's go deeper until we find God & NOT only we found Him, but we want to touch Him (touching His hands, touching His heart, touching His love).

Touching heaving, and changing earth!

4. Luke 8:47 = Testifying

Before she got healed, she came to Jesus from behind & through the crowd, but now she testified in front of Jesus & also the crowd!

Your faith on Jesus makes you well!
Your faith on Jesus moves you from isolated life to freedom!

Your faith on Jesus testifies the glory of God!
Your faith on Jesus brings impact/blessing to those around you! 

> Jairus' story (Mark 5:35-42)

Nothing just happens for nothing!
There is a reason for all the things that are happening in our life!

The incident of the woman with an issue of blood was a 'strength preparation' for Jairus before he received the bad news about his daughter.

Read: Romans 8:28
- And we know = We should know about this..., don't have doubt on Jesus.
- God causes everything to work together = Don't look the small pieces in your life, but seek/look the big picture of God's plan in your life.
- For the good of those who love God = God is good & every good gift comes from Him because Jesus came to us to give us life in abundance, NOT to destroy & kill us.
- & those are called according to His purpose for them = Your existence on this earth is NOT for nothing. Your existence in this life > carries 'great divine purposes' from God - in God, you have MORE than what you think.